08 Oct

What a Difference One Football Game can Make

This past weekend my son took the train up to Los Angeles to spend the weekend with his grandparents. My parents love to spend time with him and frequently complain that they donâ€TMt get to see him often enough. I tell them that I don’t get to see him enough either due to his typical teenager social life! But my son loves to spend time with his grandparents and this past weekend was a special invitation for him since he got to go with his grandfather to a USC football game.

Let me give you a little bit of background here. My family has a long string of USC graduates and it has become very apparent that my father would be thrilled to keep lengthening that string. A little family history: my family members are hardcore Trojan fans. Even our family activities are scheduled around the games! On game days we know to stay far away from any of them when there has been a loss (and depending on how bad of a loss, it may mean staying away from them for a few days!)

I didn’t realize until my son called me on his cell phone Saturday that my father was giving my son a tour of the USC campus and had gone into full sales mode touting the features and benefits of being a Trojan. (I have to admit it was cool being able to see them wave to me on the live Tommy Cam (web cam) when I went online.)

Later, my brother and brother-in-law (also USC graduates) came in for reinforcement hyping the “red and gold” experience. My father wants my son to go to, what he describes as “a full service school”-one that offers not only the academics, but all the various extracurricular and social activities. I was curious to see what effect the three of them would have on him.

My son is in the process of visiting various college campuses, and he was impressed with USC’s. I wouldn’t mind him going there if that school resonates with him. He would likely qualify for a merit scholarship at this school because he is a good match with the school’s freshman profile (which would be great for us in bringing the price down.) It will remain to be seen if my son opts to attend a large urban school or one of the smaller schools he is considering.

Well the one thing that my father, brother, and brother-in-law didn’t expect was USC losing the football game to Stanford that day! It hadn’t happened in six years! They thought they would be giving my son the experience-like-no-other of a Trojan win. Instead of the anticipated after-game mayhem, my son was exposed to a mass pool of depressed warriors. And my son took full advantage of the situation and announced to my family, “Thanks for bringing me to the game. I’m definitely going to take a harder look at Stanford now!“ (I couldn’t have added better humor to the moment myself!)

All the best,
Deborah Fox

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