30 Jul

Saving Money with (Student) Discount Cards

It seems everyone wants to give students discounts. Well, everyone except their schools-unless you learn how to improve your chances of getting a tuition discount! It is amazing how many discounts students can get-you just have to know where to look.

Today’s tip is about using discount cards to reduce your student’s cost of travel, school and dorm supplies, and even entertainment. These cards cost money, but if your student uses them enough, you could end up saving in the long run. If you think your student will be traveling enough to get the mileage out of these, they can be a good move!

Student Advantage Card, $20/yr


This card can really give your son or daughter a lot of discount for a low low price. With this card, you student can get discounts on books, clothes, supplies, entertainment, and travel. Their discount partners include:

  • Barnes & Noble (5% off)
  • Urban Outfitters (10% off)
  • Target.com (10% off))
  • AMC Theaters (up to 40% off movie tickets)
  • Amtrak (15% off)
  • Greyhound (15% off)

AAA Card, $47/yr for first membership & $27/yr for each additional dependent

Though it costs more, the AAA card can be a great option if your student will be driving a lot, because it not only provides discounts on travel (Amtrak is 10% off!), school supplies, and entertainment, but also provides roadside assistance and even battery service. That means your son or daughter will be safer should something go wrong on a road trip. This card isn’t just for students-Mom and Dad can get one, too! Discounts vary by region and span far too many companies for me to list here, but they include price breaks on the following (or similar) items:

  • AAA Insurance
  • Amtrak (10% off)
  • Barnes & Noble (5% off)
  • Dell.com (6% off)
  • Office Max (5% off)
  • Target.com (10%)
  • Hilton, Hyatt, & Best Western Hotels (10% off)

The only hard part about these cards is remembering to use them so you get the discount you paid for. Make sure your student keeps them handy!

All the best,
Deborah Fox

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