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28 May

Charge It, Please: College Costs and Credit Cards

With the economy still sluggish and students struggling to make ends meet, it has become increasingly common for students to pull out the plastic to cover the college bills–and that could mean trouble in a world where student debt seems to be ever increasing. Teaching your child the ins and outs of budgeting for college […]

15 Sep

For-Profit Colleges Offer More Loans

You’ve probably experienced sticker shock if you’ve ever taken a peek at the cost of a for-profit college.  (These are the schools you see advertised on television that are typically focused on teaching students a single trade or career path.) If you’ve researched the post-graduate debt for these schools, you were probably even more aghast. […]

25 Jul

New Loan Repayment Option Helps Out Students

I was shocked and upset when I read November’s reports that student debt was outstripping potential post-graduate income–and I am even more stunned that this kind of borrowing is becoming even more commonplace. Luckily for these students, the new loan repayment plan under 2007’s College Cost Reduction and Access Act finally went into effect July 1st–and […]

12 Jun

Career v. Debt: Exploring a “Major” Decision

As of 2005, nearly 80% of college students entered school with an “undecided” major, according to the founder of, and the problem hasn’t gone unnoticed. Colleges across the country have published web articles about choosing a major, and if you type “undecided college major” into Google, you’ll come up 654,000 responses. Yikes! So, is […]

30 May

Congress Considers Student Protection from Credit Card Companies

It seems students will go to great lengths for a free lunch (the article about how to get free food in college over on our sister blog, Surviving College Life, has been particularly popular).  What too many don’t understand is that when it comes to credit card marketing, there is no such thing as a […]

27 May

For-Profit Colleges Mean More Debt for Students

You may have noticed that for-profit colleges–those career or trade schools who you see advertised on television–do not get a lot of facetime here at the Pay for College Blog. I usually focus on traditional non-profit private and public colleges and universities, instead. However, I recently came across a new debt report from’s Mark […]

14 Apr

Credit Card Debt Rising for College Students

Credit card debt has long been a problem for America’s youth – even before the recession began, students were using credit cards to help pay their college costs. Unfortunately, as tuition and fees rise and the economy suffers, more students than ever are putting their college bills on plastic. Debt on the Rise For over […]

10 Mar

Post-Grad Employment Drops by Nearly 25%

In case the unstable loan market wasn’t nerve-racking enough for today’s college students, a recent study shows that their future career options may be affected by the economy as well. All in the Numbers The National Association of Colleges and Employer just released the results of their Job Outlook 2009 Survey, and the numbers are […]

16 Feb

The Million Dollar Myth

This month’s issue of Forbes has an article for those of you who are (or will soon be) college parents–it’s called The Great College Hoax, and it explores the perils of skimping on your college preparation. The Million Dollar Myth It seems that we are frequently hearing from various experts that there is this elusive […]

21 Jan

MTV Takes a Stand on Student Debt

Sure, you may not be a fan of the latest music videos, but a recent endeavor by MTV may have more parents standing up to say they want their MTV! Awareness for the Next Generation In an effort to help raise awareness about the pitfalls of debt, MTV’s college-focused arm (mtvU) created a new website […]

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