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28 May

College Websites Begin Offering College-Cost Calculators

The higher education law passed by Congress in 2008 had several requirements aimed at helping with college affordability. One of those requirements was the creation of individual online calculators to be provided by schools to help figure the “net cost” (or what we call the “out-of-pocket cost”) of attendance. Early Birds… Though the law doesn’t […]

18 Apr

Money-Saving Tips for Computer Purchases

Many of you have been responding to the latest poll with requests for more tips about how to save money, and since many of you may have summer computer purchases coming up I thought now would be a good time to start discussing how to save on those big-ticket purchases! Desktop or Laptop? Last summer […]

06 Aug

Some Professors Kick Laptops Out of the Classroom: The Pros & Cons of Bringing a Laptop to College

Before you head off to buy your student a new computer for college, you might want check the laptop policy on campus! Some professors, especially in graduate programs like business and law schools, have banned laptops from the classroom entirely says a recent article from the Chronicle. These faculty members felt the machines were detracting […]

12 Jun

Can Data-Mining Prevent College Dropouts?

With only 75% of freshmen graduating on-time (and a significant proportion dropping out), many colleges are turning to technology to help them break the cycle of poor retention and concerning graduation rates. Each school has its own methods, but many are using software that scores students according to their data versus statistical findings. Translation? Schools […]

31 Jan

College and Web 2.0 – Professors Take on YouTube

Once littered mostly with cute videos of kittens, amateur skateboard tricks and other fluff, it seems YouTube is now finally making its way into the world of academia. Just last month I told you where to find UC Berkeley lectures on YouTube. Since then, several other prominent colleges have joined the YouTube ranks, allowing professors […]

06 Dec

Watch UC Berkeley Classes Free on YouTube

With students right on top of the ever-evolving technology crazes, more and more colleges are focused on making access to their courses easier. Many have posted lectures on iTunes using “iTunes U,” letting students and others access the lectures over the internet. The University of California at Berkeley has taken it a step further, introducing […]

20 Sep

Learn from Real Teachers’ Videos on TeacherTube

Good grades in high school are one of the biggest tools to getting into college-that can mean long hours of homework and studying. If your student needs a little extra help with a topic after school hours, he or she can hop on to ( TeacherTube is a lot like the popular YouTube, but […]

10 Sep

Use the Web to Help Your Kids with Homework-Even Long Distance

Not close enough to help your kids with homework? New free online software could make it easier, whether you’re in the next town or six states away. Companies like Google now offer online word-processing and spreadsheet programs, that allow you to save documents online instead of on your hard drive, so you can access them […]

27 Aug

MySpace Could Hurt College Admissions Chances

If you have a teenager, then you have no doubt heard of Facebook, MySpace, Friendster, Blogger, Xanga, or LiveJournal. Facebook, Friendster, and MySpace, called “social networking sites,” are websites that allow you to post personal information-favorite music or TV shows, photos, instant messaging names or email addresses-so you can keep in touch with friends or […]

06 Aug

College Campus Visits & Virtual Tours

It’s summer time, and that means lots of free time for your student to work on choosing a college. Without the worries and deadlines of the school year, your son or daughter should be gathering information, preparing application material, and of course, making college visits! I encourage parents of high school juniors and seniors to […]

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