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21 Nov

20-Somethings are Taking Longer to Grow Up

We all hope that once that glorious diploma is in our child’s hand, he or she has reached the next level of officially stepping out of childhood and into adulthood. While this may have been the case years ago (and true for some graduates in current times) a recent New York Times article explained that […]

09 Sep

Grade Inflation (and Other Perks) Sweep Law Schools

Most students wish their grades would magically go up as they sleep, and for students at several law schools across the country, that wish has come true. As the trying economy and tough job market continue, the schools are reportedly introducing new measures to help their students stay competitive. Gimme an “A”! Law school is […]

26 Apr

The Salary Lowdown: 2010 Grads Expected to Earn Much Less

Since the job market first took the plunge, new college graduates–and even new college freshmen–have worried about the effect it will have on their future careers. Last year, with the floundering economy and the job market growing fiercely competitive, many students became more concerned about finding a job than about what a job would pay. As […]

08 Feb

Networking Now Pays Later: Preparing Your Child for the Post-Grad World

In a time when boomerang children seem almost a must-have trend, and parents are more and more often footing rent and cell phone bills for their post-college children, it has become more important than ever to help our children prepare for life in “the real world.” After all, it will not only save you money (who […]

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