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18 Mar

Working with Financial Aid Officers

There’s no getting around it–times are tough–and families with college-bound students are really feeling the pressure. As parents we want to help support our children, but with the inescapable and constant news about the failing economy, it is hard to see the light at the end of the tunnel. Updating Outdated Information Many of you […]

23 Jan

New Economic Stimulus Plan Could Seriously Impact College Students

President Obama’s new $825 billion economic stimulus plan is set to go to the House next week for consideration, and it could be a great boon to struggling students. In addition the funding that would be sent to state governments and national foundations for health and science, billions of dollars would be allocated to help […]

14 Jan

Colleges Offer a Helping Hand to Struggling Students

It seems like every day brings unhappy news about the recession–but happily, today is not one of those days for college-bound students! That’s because colleges across the country want to help cash-strapped families by bringing them some good news. Helping Hands, Far and Wide With even the admissions process being affected by the recession, college […]

26 Dec

What You Need to Know About How to File the FAFSA

There are so many reasons why every family should file the Free Application for Federal Student Aid (commonly called the FAFSA), but most families find it very intimidating. That’s why this year I’ve put together this list of five things you need to know about filing the FAFSA! 1. Where to File: The FAFSA is […]

18 Dec

Universities Say: We Want a Government Stimulus, Too!

It seems students aren’t the only ones concerned about the economy. A group of over 40 higher education leaders–via a statement published by the Carnegie Corporation of New York –recently let their own economic worries be heard. Dear President-Elect… In open letter published this Tuesday in large, two-page ads in both the New York Times […]

24 Nov

New President, New Help for Higher Education

With the presidential race finally over and President-Elect Barack Obama preparing to take office in January, it seems a good time for us to begin discussing his plans for our higher education system. Problems and Solutions The President-Elect’s platform described what he sees as the most important troubles of our current higher education system: Rising […]

22 Jul

More Communities Promise Free Tuition at Public Colleges

What if you could get a guaranteed tuition scholarship at any public college in your state, just by attending school and keeping your GPA above a 2.0? For some students, this fantasy is becoming a reality thanks to community outreach scholarships. I Got a Scholarship (in Kalamazoo) Three years ago the community of Kalamazoo, Michigan […]

08 Apr

Wait for a Wait-List, Pay More for College

With the “baby boom” generation’s children graduating high school in record numbers (3.2 million last year alone!) it is no surprise that college applications have increased proportionally. This year college admissions offices have reported a deluge of applications-Princeton’s were up by 6%, Rice by 11%, Harvard’s by 19%, and Vanderbilt’s by a staggering 30%! Waiting […]

16 Jan

My FAFSA Assistant: Your Ticket to Affordable Help With the FAFSA

It’s that time again! The last holiday decorations are finally put away, the kids are back in school, and the Free Application for Federal Student Aid (a.k.a. the “FAFSA”) is online and ready to be filed. But don’t panic! For the first time ever, there is a new tool available for affordable help with the […]

27 Dec

I Won’t Qualify for Financial Aid: Should I Still File the FAFSA?

At the beginning of every year, our offices are showered with questions about the FAFSA (a.k.a. the Free Application for Federal Student Aid) from concerned parents and students: “Should I file the FAFSA even if my family will not qualify for financial aid“ “Should grad students apply?” “What about students who have won scholarships?” “What […]

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