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27 May

For-Profit Colleges Mean More Debt for Students

You may have noticed that for-profit colleges–those career or trade schools who you see advertised on television–do not get a lot of facetime here at the Pay for College Blog. I usually focus on traditional non-profit private and public colleges and universities, instead. However, I recently came across a new debt report from’s Mark […]

27 Mar

The Downside for Community College Transfers

For decades students have sought to save money by taking the community college route. Many would take two or three years to work on their general education requirements, and then transfer over to a 4-year college or university to earn a bachelor’s degree. At first glance, spending the first portion of schooling at a community […]

16 Dec

College & the Economy: College Admissions Officers Speak Out

As the changing economy has continued to affect the college admissions process, the Chronicle of Higher Education (a leading higher education news source) recently released the first report from their new research division, Chronicle Research Services. The report, titled “Financial Uncertainty and the Admissions Class of Fall 2008” examines how students have changed their college […]

12 Dec

Economy Changes College Application Plans

Now more than ever families are looking for ways to save on college costs–so much so that students are feeling pressure to change long-time college application plans and even going so far as being indecisive about their final choices. Searching for the Better Value With the economy still on shaky ground, college-bound students are naturally […]

14 Nov

Why NOT to Use the Forbes College Rankings to Choose a School

With college legislation and student loan troubles all over the headlines, it seems like everyone wants to get in on the college news front.  The latest addition?  A new “College Ranking” list from Forbes Magazine. Another Way NOT to Choose a College Forbes, which joins U.S. News in the college ranking game, has recently released […]

10 Nov

The Right College Means Happier Students–and Parents

I took a hiatus from posting to my blog due to the fact that our staff member who formats and uploads the blog entries was on maternity leave.  But she’s back now so I will again be making regular posts. I want to update you on our own family’s college planning progress.  You may recall […]

10 Jul

Summer Homework: College Selection Starts Now!

Summer may have just begun, but that doesn’t mean your student’s days should be comprised of only snooze buttons and MTV! Those of you with high school students can help them get ahead by starting on the college selection process now (instead of scrambling to come up with schools to apply to in fall). Students […]

03 Jul

Poor Economy Affects College Admissions Process

Until now most students considered their May 1st college decisions final. Unless they were wait-listed (and remember, accepting a wait-list offer could mean paying more for college), most students simply sent in their acceptance and initial deposit and started sporting their new school’s logo on their car and wearing their school’s colors at summer barbeques. […]

17 Jun

How to Choose the “Right” College

If you have been reading my blog, you know now that the “right” college can save you money, but how can you help your student to find that college? Here are some simple steps your student can follow to help him/her start the college selection process: 1. Get Your Goals in Sight. Choose 3 fields […]

27 May

How Choosing the “Right” College Can Save You Money

Choosing the “right” college can be a huge challenge for students (and their parents!) but it is worth the effort! In fact, if there is one sure-fire way to waste money on college: Send your student to a college that isn’t a good fit (academically, culturally or socially!) How Students Choose a College For many […]

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