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26 Oct

New Legislation Could Nix College Health Insurance

If your student has been happily using his or her college’s health care plan, your family may be in for a surprise. Inside Higher Ed reported that President Obama’s new health care bill may completely eliminate college-provided health insurance! Current College Health Insurance When the HIPPA law passed in 1996, it created a provision for colleges […]

08 Aug

Congress Reauthorizes the Higher Education Act—First Time in 10 Years!

Last week Congress passed another huge piece of legislation that may affect every college topic you can think of. Called the Higher Education Opportunity Act of 2008 (HEA 2008), the bill passed by 380 votes to 49 in the House and 83 to 8 in the Senate. I expect President Bush will likely sign it […]

12 Jun

Can Data-Mining Prevent College Dropouts?

With only 75% of freshmen graduating on-time (and a significant proportion dropping out), many colleges are turning to technology to help them break the cycle of poor retention and concerning graduation rates. Each school has its own methods, but many are using software that scores students according to their data versus statistical findings. Translation? Schools […]

05 Feb

All-Nighters are Bad for Grades (and may subsequently lead to higher college costs for your family!)

It might seem like common sense that pulling an all-nighter might not be the best way to score high on an exam or essay-and it seems to be a ritual college students are resigned to experiment with. Professor Pamela Thatcher of St. Lawrence University has actually scientifically proven that a student’s quality of sleep can […]

03 Dec

Colleges Use Student Data to Sell Credit Cards

Two public universities in Iowa-U of Iowa and Iowa State-have signed deals with their alumni associations to help them make more money off their students. The Des Moines Register reported that the two schools will be both endorsing and promoting Bank of America credit cards on their campuses, in exchange for a profit. Hmm. A […]

22 Oct

Elite Colleges’ Students Fail Basic History Test

It may not have surprised you to read that college students don’t know much about the cultural origins of their cell phones, but wouldn’t you think that students of the most expensive colleges would be able to pass a basic U.S. History test? Not so, according to a study recently released by the Intercollegiate Studies […]

18 Oct

House Democrats Promote New Legislation With Fancy Dance Steps

When I saw this latest YouTube video posted by the House Education and Labor Committee, I knew I had to pass it on to my readers. After all, how often do you get to see someone in politics literally dancing in the streets? The Education and Labor Committee made this video to promote the College […]

20 Sep

Learn from Real Teachers’ Videos on TeacherTube

Good grades in high school are one of the biggest tools to getting into college-that can mean long hours of homework and studying. If your student needs a little extra help with a topic after school hours, he or she can hop on to ( TeacherTube is a lot like the popular YouTube, but […]

30 Aug

Do You need to be Offered Football Tickets to get Motivated to Save for College?

Banks used to give away toasters to encourage you to open an account with them. Now a state college savings program is getting in to the giveaway game: In an effort to generate more interest in their state’s 529 plans, the website for Oklahoma College Savings Plans has opened up a “VIP Experience Sweepstakes,” which […]

23 Jul

College Students Found to be Misinformed Consumers

A quote from the recent action movie, Transformers, has kids a little confused. In a quick interchange between two characters, a tech-savvy teenage girl informs a government higher-up that Nokia, a popular cell phone manufacturer, is Finnish, not Japanese. As it turns out, a significant percentage of U.S. college students are misinformed consumers-they have no […]

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