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29 Mar

An Admissions Break for “Rich” Students?

For some time now many colleges have practiced what they call “need-blind admissions,” meaning that they accept students based on their merit, even if those students will need financial aid. But as the college acceptance season for 2010 progresses, for the first time in years colleges are making┬áheadlines for ditching this practice. Need Blind to […]

19 Oct

5 Ways to Get a Head Start on College Applications

Fall is here, and with it comes another round of college applications. While your student may be excited at the prospect of heading off to college next year, he or she is probably beginning to feel the pressure of looming application deadlines. In fact, you as a parent may be feeling overwhelmed by it as […]

09 Sep

Shaky Admissions Mean Generous Wait Lists

September is here, and for many colleges and universities across the country, the first day of school is a sort of D-Day: the day they see if all their plans–and backup plans–will pay off. Summer Melt All summer long colleges (especially those with high price tags) have been working to combat what many admissions officers […]

15 Jun

Recession Halts “Need-Blind” Admissions Practices

Once upon a time a straight-A, former ASB president who needed a high amount of scholarship money might have been admitted over a B-average student with a plentiful college fund; but the current recession has, for some colleges, meant choosing money over student-desirability. Fair Weather Friends Before the economy began to slump, many colleges tried […]

25 Apr

New Polls Show Economy Really Is Affecting College Decisions

For months now we’ve been hearing college admissions officers share their worries that the economy could mean big changes in the way students choose a college–now we are finally see these fears begin to come to fruition. Changing Attitudes May 1st is the final day for incoming college freshmen to accept admission to their schools […]

10 Apr

Private College Admission Gets Easier!

It seems that even the most elite private colleges fear rejection from accepted applicants in this financial climate. That is good news for the incoming class of ’09, which also happens to be the largest incoming class yet at a whopping 3 million students! Good News from Officials The Washington Post reported earlier this month […]

07 Apr

Colleges’ Turn to Fear Rejection

The college admissions process may be tough on students, but this year it may be even tougher on the colleges! As the economy has shifted, the tables have turned for higher education, and it is now the schools’ turn to worry about being rejected! R.S.V.P. A.S.A.P? As more and more students and their families are […]

18 Dec

Universities Say: We Want a Government Stimulus, Too!

It seems students aren’t the only ones concerned about the economy. A group of over 40 higher education leaders–via a statement published by the Carnegie Corporation of New York –recently let their own economic worries be heard. Dear President-Elect… In open letter published this Tuesday in large, two-page ads in both the New York Times […]

16 Dec

College & the Economy: College Admissions Officers Speak Out

As the changing economy has continued to affect the college admissions process, the Chronicle of Higher Education (a leading higher education news source) recently released the first report from their new research division, Chronicle Research Services. The report, titled “Financial Uncertainty and the Admissions Class of Fall 2008” examines how students have changed their college […]

10 Apr

Acceptance Letters Are In: Comparison Shopping Month Begins!

Families with incoming freshman all over the country are now faced with the sometimes daunting task of trying to decide which offer of admissions their student should accept. Some students have been accepted to their hands-down-first-choice school. They have the easy job of only having to decide what style of stamp they want to stick […]

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