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06 Sep

Safety Regulations in the Works for Private Loans

Long time readers will be familiar with my typical warnings about private student loans.  When it comes to consumer advantages and competitive interest rates, they simply can’t compete with their federal counterparts. Yet private lenders have been so successful with their marketing campaigns that almost 2/3 of students who borrowed private loans in 2007-08 did so without […]

05 Apr

Student Loan Changes Move Forward

It has been over a year since President Obama announced his hopes to bolster student aid by overhauling the student loan system, and last week (in the same piece of legislation that pushed through his health care reform) changes were finally made–but they weren’t at all what many higher education advocates, parents and students had […]

23 Mar

Student Aid Bill Hits a Slump

Almost since President Obama took office we have been following the progression of his administration’s student aid bill, a piece of legislation intended to shift student loan funds from subsidies paid out to private lenders so more of that money could be focused on the students and schools themselves. Dollars and Sense The longer the student […]

01 Mar

Stuck in the Middle? New Loan Measures May Help

For a long time middle-class Americans have felt very much on their own when it comes to paying for college.  In his recent State of the Union address, President Obama mentioned efforts he is spearheading to help improve how families pay for college–and they’re not only for the lowest-income families. Donning their Caps You may […]

26 Feb

Subsidized Stafford Loan Rates Dropping

Have you filled out your FAFSA yet? If not, now is the time to do it! Not only can it potentially help your child get grants (the “free” money you don’t have to pay back), it is also your family’s only gateway to federal student loans, which are far and away the best type of […]

19 Jan

Good News: Student Loans & Bankruptcy

It seems that, for many families, student loans have almost become a necessity when it comes to paying for college, but many parents and students are unaware of the huge responsibility involved in borrowing these loans. Did You Know? Colleges make it extremely easy for students to take out a student loan in this day […]

20 Nov

Student Loan Changes Stalled in Senate

We’ve been following the student loan bill–which would change federal student lending forever–for months now, and I wanted to give you a quick update as to where it stands today. Senate Stall Though the bill was being discussed in the House of Representatives months ago, and finally approved their version in September, it seems that […]

23 Oct

5 Ways Scammers Target College Students, and How to Protect Your Student!

If you thought your college student was too new to the “adult world” to be the target of a scam, recent news reports may convince you otherwise. They may not have credit to steal, but–like many credit card companies–scammers are targeting teens and college students and counting on their naivety. New and Improved Scams We’ve […]

15 Sep

For-Profit Colleges Offer More Loans

You’ve probably experienced sticker shock if you’ve ever taken a peek at the cost of a for-profit college.  (These are the schools you see advertised on television that are typically focused on teaching students a single trade or career path.) If you’ve researched the post-graduate debt for these schools, you were probably even more aghast. […]

25 Jul

New Loan Repayment Option Helps Out Students

I was shocked and upset when I read November’s reports that student debt was outstripping potential post-graduate income–and I am even more stunned that this kind of borrowing is becoming even more commonplace. Luckily for these students, the new loan repayment plan under 2007’s College Cost Reduction and Access Act finally went into effect July 1st–and […]

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