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22 Aug

Raising Cash for College with Private Scholarships

As the lazy days of summer slip away, high school students can take advantage of   their free time to help fill the family college coffers with private scholarship winnings. And why should your child consider giving up precious time at the beach or the mall? Simple. If you’re like most parents, the net cost of college will need […]

30 Dec

Four Productive Ways to Spend Winter Break

Its not often that your student gets a solid two to four weeks with no academic obligations. Here are a few ways your child can take advantage of that free time. 1. Apply for Scholarships Scholarships are NOT just for high school seniors, so all high school and college students should take advantage of winter […]

16 Nov

High School Juniors and Seniors, Start Your Scholarship Searches!

Scholarships and financial aid are NOT just for high school students, but getting an early start means your student will have the opportunity to apply to scholarships throughout high school and college. A huge number of organizations offer scholarships only to high school seniors, which means your student should prepare early in senior year (or […]

23 Aug

The Back-to-School Link Roundup for Parents

It’s that time again–students of all ages are heading back to school. Whether you’re parenting high-school aged children or sending your first (or second, or third!) off to college, you’re probably feeling the pressure of getting your back-to-school to-do list started–and I have a helpful group of articles to get you on the right track! […]

29 Jan

Don’t Count on Athletic Scholarships: Northeastern Cuts its Football Team

As college budgets flounder in the recovering economy, we’ve seen colleges make cuts in some very unexpected places – including freezing staff and faculty salaries and decreasing their benefits. Now it seems schools are moving into the student activity danger zone. Down, Set, Take a Hike In an effort to reallocate smaller budgets, many colleges […]

23 Oct

5 Ways Scammers Target College Students, and How to Protect Your Student!

If you thought your college student was too new to the “adult world” to be the target of a scam, recent news reports may convince you otherwise. They may not have credit to steal, but–like many credit card companies–scammers are targeting teens and college students and counting on their naivety. New and Improved Scams We’ve […]

08 May

How Students Can Spend Summer Time Wisely

Your student may be looking forward to three months of endless home cooked meals and trips to the lake or beach, but not all their time should be spent playing this summer! In an economy like this, a precious commodity like time should really be used. Here are a few ways your student can spend […]

22 Jul

More Communities Promise Free Tuition at Public Colleges

What if you could get a guaranteed tuition scholarship at any public college in your state, just by attending school and keeping your GPA above a 2.0? For some students, this fantasy is becoming a reality thanks to community outreach scholarships. I Got a Scholarship (in Kalamazoo) Three years ago the community of Kalamazoo, Michigan […]

09 Jul

Private Scholarship How-tos: Search and Apply Early and Often!

Who doesn’t want to find free money for college? Private scholarships can be one of your best bets when it comes to funds you don’t have to pay back-but do you know when and how to search them out? What Do You Mean by “Early”? Did you know that your fourth-grader could already be adding […]

11 Feb

Find Your Perfect Match With Quirky Scholarships

Private scholarships are generally much easier to win if the competition pool is small. That’s why I often advise students to search out local scholarships-they automatically have a smaller group of eligible applicants than do national scholarship competitions. However, another way to narrow down your odds is to find quirky scholarships. Most scholarship search sites […]

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