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01 Oct

How to Save (and Not to Save): U.S. Families Yearly College Savings Shockingly Low

Though the economy has been tough, college costs are still on the rise–and it doesn’t look like that is about to change any time soon. Unfortunately, the myriads of bad press about college prices has created a deep-seated funding fear for many families–and it may be contributing to the low college-savings rates of the average […]

08 May

How Students Can Spend Summer Time Wisely

Your student may be looking forward to three months of endless home cooked meals and trips to the lake or beach, but not all their time should be spent playing this summer! In an economy like this, a precious commodity like time should really be used. Here are a few ways your student can spend […]

02 Jun

5 More Easy & Unexpected Ways to Find College Money

If you’re a regular reader of the Pay for College Blog, you know that I am a huge proponent of finding ways to increase your cash flow to help offset your college costs. Simply find a way to save money in one place (or many places!), and funnel it into your college funding strategy. Having […]

13 Dec

10 Smart Websites that Can Save You Money

Paying less for your son or daughter’s college education isn’t just about winning scholarships and getting tuition discounts-it’s also about planning your finances so your savings in one area can be redirected to provide funding for college. The following are a list of websites that will save you money in many different areas of your […]

29 Nov

Do Parents and Teens Overestimate College Costs?

Many of you have heard this statistic released by the U.S. Census Bureau: on average, college grads earn $1 million more in a lifetime than students who only have a high school diploma. But just because college grads can earn a million doesn’t mean you have to pay a million to get your child a […]

20 Nov

Finding Money for College in Unexpected Places

The college years can put a strain on any parent’s pocketbook, but you’d be surprised how a few simple changes can help you build nickels and dimes into college-cash dollars. Being Nickeled and Dimed. I’m sure you’ve heard someone say they’re being “nickeled and dimed to death.” A lot of people tend to overlook the […]

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