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22 Oct

High Tech College Prep: iPhone + iPod

Is your student preparing for a first (or second!) round of the SATs? Having trouble keeping on top of schoolwork? In need of a refresher course in foreign language? Don’t worry–there’s a handy application for all of those. SAT & ACT Prep Kaplan Portable SAT. Released by one of the best known test-prep companies, this […]

30 Jun

New SAT is to (Old SAT) as Apple is to (Apple)

The results are in on the new-purportedly new and improved-SAT, launched by the College Board back in 2005: With a new writing section, no more word associations, higher testing fee, and 3 hour and 45 minute format, the new SAT was found to have only a 0.01 stronger correlation with freshman GPA than its predecessor. […]

25 Feb

Prepare for the SAT–for Less (or for FREE)!

Is your student trying to get ready for the SAT? He or she has a lot of study options, even if you don’t want to drop hundreds of dollars on an SAT prep course. Take a look at these wallet-friendly alternatives to formal classroom prep or one-on-one tutoring options. Remember, a 100 or 200 point […]

13 Aug

Grades or SAT Scores: Which is the Better Predictor of Doing Well in College?

What makes more of a difference-high school grades, or SAT scores? As college admissions get more and more competitive, students feel an increasing pressure to outperform their peers in areas of academia, volunteer work, leadership, and of course the dreaded standardized tests. The moment students see that SAT score, they can suddenly feel that four […]

25 Jul

SAT Prep on the iPod

Kaplan Offers SAT Quiz Downloads on iTunes Do you remember what life was like before the iPod? Your child would come home from school, drop his backpack on the ground, and answer your query of how school went with a simple, “Fine.” With the advent of the iPod, that simple question and answer sequence has […]

25 Jun

How Students Can Have a Productive Summer

Summer is coming, and no doubt your student is ready for the break from tests and textbooks, but don’t forfeit this valuable time to boredom! Your son or daughter can get a lot more done during these next few months than watching music videos on Vh1. The free days of summer are an ideal time […]

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