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24 Nov

Ivy Leagues Bid for Students With Increasing Scholarships

One of the first college funding “secrets” I discuss with my clients is how, with a scholarship award, a prestigious private school can actually cost about the same as a public college or university. With a sticker price difference in the tens of thousands of dollars, most of my clients have found this to be […]

18 Oct

Public or Private Colleges: Which is a Better Value?

We’ve all heard of Harvard, Yale, Princeton–the “Ivy League” private schools reputed as offering unparalleled educational opportunities to their students. If you’re basing your college choices on name recognition alone, these colleges and universities are probably at the top of your list.  But what about their public counterparts, state schools like UCLA? Maybe the low […]

24 Aug

Private Colleges Make Big Cuts in Unexpected Places

It’s no secret that private colleges are feeling the pinch this year, and with financial aid and student services serving as important recruitment and retaining tools for their attendees (and a source of income), many schools are having to make tough decisions. Snip, Snip Wondering where all your college tuition payments go? A new survey released […]

04 Aug

The “Why” Behind This Year’s Private School Enrollment Numbers

Ups and Downs This has been a year of worry for many private colleges–a majority of them seemed to share the viewpoint that the economy would mean many fewer applicants and subsequently smaller enrollment numbers. Their fears, which seem reasonable, have finally been disproved by the results of a survey just released by the National Association […]

10 Apr

Private College Admission Gets Easier!

It seems that even the most elite private colleges fear rejection from accepted applicants in this financial climate. That is good news for the incoming class of ’09, which also happens to be the largest incoming class yet at a whopping 3 million students! Good News from Officials The Washington Post reported earlier this month […]

18 Dec

Harvard Offers Financial Aid to Families Making $180,000 or Less

For a while it seemed that only the affluent or the lower income could “afford” a high quality education at an elite college: the affluent because they have the funds to pay, the lower income because they could count on more financial aid. The middle-income families, however, seemed left to fend for themselves. Happily, Harvard […]

16 Nov

Some Private Schools Go Easy on Counting Home Equity when Awarding Financial Aid

Families that live in certain areas of the country, especially on the two coasts, find themselves sitting with a huge amount of equity in their homes, even during the current real estate market downturn. Students who are applying to any of the 300 or so private schools that require the CSS Profile financial aid form […]

29 Oct

Financial Aid for the Middle (High-Middle?) Class

For a long time now, lower-income students have been offered need-based federal and school aid to help them attend college. Meanwhile, many middle-class families have struggled to meet the cost of college without the same benefits of aid. The tide seems to be turning in the elite colleges. Some of the most prestigious U.S. colleges […]

22 Oct

Elite Colleges’ Students Fail Basic History Test

It may not have surprised you to read that college students don’t know much about the cultural origins of their cell phones, but wouldn’t you think that students of the most expensive colleges would be able to pass a basic U.S. History test? Not so, according to a study recently released by the Intercollegiate Studies […]

11 Oct

Scholarships Replace Loans for Low-Income Families

Very few colleges have taken the initiative to offer students scholarships in place of loans. This summer, Amherst College in Massachusets joined the ranks of schools like Princeton and Davidson College by implementing a new financial aid program. Amherst’s program is targeted to help students graduate debt-free. Under the new policy, students will receive scholarship […]

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