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22 Aug

Raising Cash for College with Private Scholarships

As the lazy days of summer slip away, high school students can take advantage of   their free time to help fill the family college coffers with private scholarship winnings. And why should your child consider giving up precious time at the beach or the mall? Simple. If you’re like most parents, the net cost of college will need […]

12 May

3 Reasons Your Student Should Consider Taking Summer Classes

Looking for ways to help your student stay productive this summer? Taking a college-level course or two at a community college could be the perfect fit. Here are three reasons your student should consider adding academics this summer: 1. Saving time. For many students, summer hours are wasted away in front of the TV (or […]

31 Jan

4 Get-Ready-for-College New Years Resolutions

1. I will not be intimidated by the college planning process. Students aren’t the only ones who feel overwhelmed by applying to college, obtaining financial aid, and all the steps in between: many parents are intimidated by the lengthy and confusing process as well. This year, resolve not to be intimidated. Instead, lay out a […]

28 Nov

10 Surprising Extra College Costs

I don’t need to tell any of my blog readers that college is expensive. Tuition costs alone can be overwhelming, but what many parents don’t expect is that there are many more hidden costs and fees when it comes to paying that college bill. Smart Money recently published a wonderful article about college fees you […]

24 Nov

Ivy Leagues Bid for Students With Increasing Scholarships

One of the first college funding “secrets” I discuss with my clients is how, with a scholarship award, a prestigious private school can actually cost about the same as a public college or university. With a sticker price difference in the tens of thousands of dollars, most of my clients have found this to be […]

11 Oct

Easing Student Worry About the Cost of College

Your student may be excited to experience all the college years have to offer, but many students are also quite concerned about the financial feasibility of obtaining a college education. This summer Fidelity Investments released a survey of the 2010 graduating high school class. Their findings showed that: 70% of students felt “overwhelmed” by the […]

09 Sep

Grade Inflation (and Other Perks) Sweep Law Schools

Most students wish their grades would magically go up as they sleep, and for students at several law schools across the country, that wish has come true. As the trying economy and tough job market continue, the schools are reportedly introducing new measures to help their students stay competitive. Gimme an “A”! Law school is […]

02 Sep

Saving Strategy: Rent Your Textbooks!

The average student spends at least $800 per year on textbooks alone each year, but an up-and-coming trend of textbook rentals could keep some of that money where it really belongs–in your savings account! Same Day Textbooks When I wrote about textbook rentals last time, it was still an online-only option, but a new feature from […]

28 May

Charge It, Please: College Costs and Credit Cards

With the economy still sluggish and students struggling to make ends meet, it has become increasingly common for students to pull out the plastic to cover the college bills–and that could mean trouble in a world where student debt seems to be ever increasing. Teaching your child the ins and outs of budgeting for college […]

26 May

Trouble in Paradise: 1/3 of All College Students Transfer Schools

Choosing the “wrong” college has long been a problem for students–one that too often means extra time and money spent on obtaining that coveted college degree. Now a new study from the National Association for College Admissions Counseling (NACAC) indicates that 1 out of every 3 college students will transfer to another school–and that can spell […]

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