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06 Nov

How to Budget WITH Your Student & Change Your Estimated College Cost

Let’s face it: even if you can get a tuition discount and figure out a clever book-buying cost- saving-strategy, college is expensive. It’s thousands of dollars. The only way to offset costs is to be creative, and most importantly, to get your student involved in the budgeting. Understanding YOUR Estimated Cost One of the first […]

19 Aug

Easy Ways to Teach Your Child to Budget

Even if your student isn’t headed off to college just yet, that first day in the real world always seems to arrive sooner than we expect it to. If you’re looking for a way to prepare your child to handle the realities of budgeting, look no further! I’ve compiled some clear cut, easy ways to […]

15 Aug

College Contracts: Too Much, or Just Right?

Recently I came across a book on Amazon called College Contracts: Authentic Conversations With College-Bound Adult Children –a book about how to make a contract with your child before he or she heads off to school. The concept intrigued me, and I wondered whether the average parent would consider it. The Give and Take (in Writing) […]

24 Jul

Bill Becomes Law: Congress’s New Student Credit Card Protections

Back in May I wrote about a new bit of student credit card legislation working it’s way through congress. At the time the bill had passed only in the Senate, but just recently the Credit Card Accountability Responsibility and Disclosure Act of 2009 finally got signed into law. Title III – Protection of Young Consumers The […]

03 Jun

New Website Says “Bill My Parents!”

With summer upon us–and those last months of preparing college-bound students ticking away–many parents are thinking long and hard about how to begin teaching their children how to cover their own expenses. Last month I shared my thoughts about whether or not parents should be footing the bills for their college-graduate children, but what about […]

12 May

Should Parents Be Footing Post-Grad Bills?

In the early days of this blog, I wrote about the increasingly popular trend of boomerang children: those children who move out, go to school, graduate, and boomerang right back to their room at mom and dad’s to live rent-free. Two years later, it seems the trend of students leaning on their parents post-graduation hasn’t […]

11 Feb

Do Boys & Girls Spend Differently?

I came across an interesting article on MSN today, which suggested that boys and girls might have differing perspectives on money. The article studied a collection of same-age pairs, from two schoolmates to a set of twins of opposite gender, and noted the disparities in their financial beliefs and habits. The results were telling: on […]

05 Feb

Should Your Student Get a Job?

Numerous college students work to help cover their tuition costs, and with the economy in its current state, it is becoming more and more necessary for many families. As in all parenting decisions, however, there are many more criteria (beyond the money factor) to consider when deciding whether or not your student should get a […]

10 Nov

The Right College Means Happier Students–and Parents

I took a hiatus from posting to my blog due to the fact that our staff member who formats and uploads the blog entries was on maternity leave.  But she’s back now so I will again be making regular posts. I want to update you on our own family’s college planning progress.  You may recall […]

24 Jul

Why is My College-Bound Student So Angry?

Noticeable changes can happen the summer before college classes begin. Your once sociable, friendly, happy-go-lucky son or daughter may suddenly be moody, cranky, or even downright ticked off. You might find yourself bickering with your child about little things-the trash being taken out, buying school clothes, or even just eating dinner as a family. What’s […]

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