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20 May

Raising a Budget-Conscious Child: Getting a Job

Last post I began sharing with you some simple steps you can take to teach your student how to be more budget-conscious by discussing how to educate your child by including him or her in your personal budgeting habits. Today, in Part 2, I want to encourage you to take the next step. If you […]

18 May

Raising a Budget-Conscious Child: Show and Tell

With a huge number of Americans still trying to bounce back from the recession, it is more important than ever for parents to teach budgeting, and encourage their children to put it into practice. If this task seems more than a little overwhelming to you, you’re not alone. Why do you think so many parents […]

11 Mar

3 Things to Discuss When Your College Student Comes Home

After a semester or two away from home, your child may be feeling more adult now than ever before, but many parents have a hard time bridging the gap between the teen that left home in summertime and the independent one who comes home during breaks. If your child is planning to come home for […]

31 Jan

4 Get-Ready-for-College New Years Resolutions

1. I will not be intimidated by the college planning process. Students aren’t the only ones who feel overwhelmed by applying to college, obtaining financial aid, and all the steps in between: many parents are intimidated by the lengthy and confusing process as well. This year, resolve not to be intimidated. Instead, lay out a […]

21 Nov

20-Somethings are Taking Longer to Grow Up

We all hope that once that glorious diploma is in our child’s hand, he or she has reached the next level of officially stepping out of childhood and into adulthood. While this may have been the case years ago (and true for some graduates in current times) a recent New York Times article explained that […]

11 Oct

Easing Student Worry About the Cost of College

Your student may be excited to experience all the college years have to offer, but many students are also quite concerned about the financial feasibility of obtaining a college education. This summer Fidelity Investments released a survey of the 2010 graduating high school class. Their findings showed that: 70% of students felt “overwhelmed” by the […]

25 Aug

Can Buying Books Buy Smarts for Your Children?

A new study (published in the scientific journal Research in Social Stratification and Mobility) suggests that it can–and with a substantial body of evidence to prove it.  Research for the study was extensive, surveying over 70,000 people. If you think that is impressive, wait until you read this: the study covered 27 countries over a period […]

23 Aug

The Back-to-School Link Roundup for Parents

It’s that time again–students of all ages are heading back to school. Whether you’re parenting high-school aged children or sending your first (or second, or third!) off to college, you’re probably feeling the pressure of getting your back-to-school to-do list started–and I have a helpful group of articles to get you on the right track! […]

25 Mar

Crushed: Helping Your Child Cope With Real World Disappointments

Over the past several months student after student has peered into the mailbox only to find the dreaded “thin envelope”: that physical symbol of a college rejection letter. While “fat” envelopes have no doubt appeared as well, there are few things so crushing to a college-bound senior as getting dumped by his or her dream […]

22 Jan

Start Early: Preparing Your Child for Graduate School

I focus mostly on undergraduate studies here at the Pay for College Blog, but most parents would agree that what happens after college–be that graduate school, a job search, or (hopefully not) boomeranging back home to mom and dad–is equally important. Today I wanted to share some thoughts with those of you whose children might […]

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