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19 Jun

Colleges Referring to Peer-to-Peer Student Loans

With the private student loan market still limping along from the effect of the credit crunch, peer-to-peer (a.k.a “p2p”) student loan lending companies (like Fynanz, which I wrote about a couple weeks ago) seem to be building a following. With some of the personalized feel of social networking sites like MySpace and Facebook, this type […]

25 Feb

Prepare for the SAT–for Less (or for FREE)!

Is your student trying to get ready for the SAT? He or she has a lot of study options, even if you don’t want to drop hundreds of dollars on an SAT prep course. Take a look at these wallet-friendly alternatives to formal classroom prep or one-on-one tutoring options. Remember, a 100 or 200 point […]

13 Dec

10 Smart Websites that Can Save You Money

Paying less for your son or daughter’s college education isn’t just about winning scholarships and getting tuition discounts-it’s also about planning your finances so your savings in one area can be redirected to provide funding for college. The following are a list of websites that will save you money in many different areas of your […]

23 Aug

Free Amtrak Companion Fare for College Visits

Planning a trip to visit college campuses this year? I gave you a couple of suggestions about how to “virtually” visit college campuses to keep costs down-but this great discount may help you to afford to really make the trip! has teamed up with Amtrak to offer discounted companion fares for parents traveling with […]

09 Aug

Saving Money on Student Travel

There are so many different ways to save money on student travel-very good news for those of you who are sending your kids away to school! Whether they take a train, plane, or automobile, there are ways to keep your costs low and still have your student come home to visit! I already mentioned some […]

30 Jul

Saving Money with (Student) Discount Cards

It seems everyone wants to give students discounts. Well, everyone except their schools-unless you learn how to improve your chances of getting a tuition discount! It is amazing how many discounts students can get-you just have to know where to look. Today’s tip is about using discount cards to reduce your student’s cost of travel, […]

19 Jul

Saving Money on Software & Peripherals

Today I have some new ideas on how to save money on all those little doodads and add-ons you need to customize your student’s computer. Keep these in mind for later; college classes like graphic or web design can mean your student will need to buy new programs. There are all kinds of software your […]

12 Jul

Saving Money on Computers

This is the first in a series about saving money on things your student will use on a daily, weekly, or monthly basis. My opening tips discuss how to save money on one of the ultimate big ticket item purchased for college: a computer. Don’t you love it when I tell you that you don’t […]

28 Jun

Getting Tuition Discounts

Here’s a little tip about paying for college: the Total Cost of Attendance is not a hard, fixed number, it is negotiable. Isn’t that great news? For so many of you, that cost quote you find in the financial aid section of the school’s website seems sky high. Lucky for you, that unacceptably high, possibly […]

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