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22 Apr

Spring Cleaning your Spending: Save on Groceries

If you have a teenager, you’ve probably noticed that your refrigerator is more money-pit than food storage space. Groceries can disappear almost as fast as you bring them in–which is why it is so important to your budget that you save as much at the store cash register as you can. Plan Ahead Do you […]

19 Apr

Spring Cleaning your Spending: Trim Your Fixed Bills

Last post I wrote about how to save on the little luxuries you choose to buy every month. In the second part of the trilogy on reducing everyday spending, I want to look at your fixed costs–things that you routinely pay for every month when the bill comes due. Obviously your electric bill or car […]

30 Mar

Spring Cleaning your Spending: Becoming a Smart Spender

Starting to feel the pinch of those ever rising tuition fees? Springtime is the perfect time to clear the cobwebs off your budget and find new ways to fund your child’s college education! Small changes can make a big difference, so in this springtime trilogy, I’ll be sharing a few easy ways you can trim […]

02 Feb

How to Get Step-By-Step FAFSA Help for Free

It’s a brand new year, and that means it’s time for a brand new financial aid application–the Free Application for Federal Financial Aid (more commonly known as the FAFSA) is online and ready for you to fill out. Remember, every family should submit a FAFSA (see below). And this year, I can offer you some […]

02 Sep

Saving Strategy: Rent Your Textbooks!

The average student spends at least $800 per year on textbooks alone each year, but an up-and-coming trend of textbook rentals could keep some of that money where it really belongs–in your savings account! Same Day Textbooks When I wrote about textbook rentals last time, it was still an online-only option, but a new feature from […]

21 Aug

How Coupon Googling Can Save on College Costs

Laptop, microwave, extra long twin sheets, towels, mini-fridge, bicycle, backpack, plane tickets, a few warehouse-store sized cases of noodle cups–even those non-tuition college costs can add up quickly! Luckily for us, the internet is a virtual cornucopia of coupons, discounts, and savings. Deal Watchers If you have an item or category already in mind, check […]

06 Aug

Saving on Dorm Room Must-Haves

School will start before you know it, and that means college-bound students are preparing to move out of the nest on their own. Here’s how to make sure your student has all the necessities, without breaking your budget. Check the List If this year is your child’s first time living on campus, he or she […]

18 Apr

Money-Saving Tips for Computer Purchases

Many of you have been responding to the latest poll with requests for more tips about how to save money, and since many of you may have summer computer purchases coming up I thought now would be a good time to start discussing how to save on those big-ticket purchases! Desktop or Laptop? Last summer […]

26 Jan

How to Get a Tuition Discount

In today’s economy, more and more families are searching for discounts, coupons, and any way possible to lower the sticker price of their day-to-day purchasing–but what if you could actually lower the sticker price of a private college? Understanding the “Sticker Price” If you’ve ever shopped for a bargain, you’ve probably noticed the words “Suggested […]

16 Dec

College & the Economy: College Admissions Officers Speak Out

As the changing economy has continued to affect the college admissions process, the Chronicle of Higher Education (a leading higher education news source) recently released the first report from their new research division, Chronicle Research Services. The report, titled “Financial Uncertainty and the Admissions Class of Fall 2008” examines how students have changed their college […]

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